In CargoPack we are guided by a set of values and attributes, which become principles for our business policy:

CargoPack is a company which definitely has a high commitment to service.
A service designed from the different business processes between customers and suppliers, seeking to provide a good experience in your business from beginning to end in relation to us.

Our commitment to our clients is always seeking to exceed their expectations, generating long-term interpersonal relationships with them in order to become their business partners.
We constantly seek to optimize the profitability of the company and improve our management to achieve the standards of quality, safety and compliance which the market demands.

Building trust with our clients that our services and products will match or exceed their expectations with the support of strategic partnerships with other companies that share our values and, in addition, counting on the effort and dedication of our highly qualified personnel.


We offer comprehensive logistics, advice and consulting in Foreign Trade of high quality.

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